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Amor i Pau #labarceloneta

Good wishes to everyone for this new year. Shall we always enjoy the present and hope for a magical future! 2🌎18

A Happy Christmas to everybody! A healthy and beautiful planet is one wish Santa Claus can't ignore! ❤️☃️

Rebel Dog! 💛

100% Winter

Unfortunately Nirvana's best dog-friend left us this year. Skip was a loyal and sweet dog, with an excellent behaviour and always available to sum up in our family. I wonder if Nirvana feels the empty space as much as we do. Hopefully you've been welcomed in your new world, with the same love you always welcomed us from our travels. You will be missed! ❤️

Sonrie!! Encontré este burro en Menorca, de lo más simpatico! Burrito feliz 😁 se dejo hacer de todo, incluso una visita al dentista! #donkey #smile

Early check out! For this season the kayak has anchored it's winter harbour at Calabria. Between these mediterranean olives the yellow boat will rest as deserved until next comeback. Nirvana and I thank every single person met along this fantastic 2017 season. We enjoyed so much Sicily, Malta, Calabria and also Menorca! We will continue posting adventurous posts, and also send off Postcards of Nirvana's best shots of this year together with our usual #beachcleaning to protect the #mediterranean sea :) stay tuned!

Great performance by @luissurf1 at @freespiritspuntapellaro #kitesurf #pellaro #kite #sunset #mediterranean #fly #freespirits

#snow at #etna

Day 108/s5 - Back to #rumbomediterraneo

We enjoyed a very good kayak in Menorca! We even made a little modification for Nirvana, so she could travel protected from direct sunlight. ✌️️😎 #kayaking #sailordog #menorca

Gracies MENORCA EN KAYAK 🙏😄 Quin privilegi descobrir l'illa des dels vostres kayaks i amb la vostre companyia. Sou un equip collonut! 💪 #ungaporunga

Last day in Menorca! Nirvana no need to hide on the roof, we will come back someday :)

Nirvana getting to know this island from it's inside. #sailordog #menorca

Very sad for the fires in Portugal, Galicia, Asturias and Leon 😪. Only Galicia over 200 fires! Man cruelty has no limits. Muita Forza! #ardegalicia

Tots 21 kayaks completen "Sa Volta" a Menorca ✅ Felicitats MENORCA EN KAYAK

2nd day of Menorca island with fabulous conditions. We start to understand why it has become a must-destination for kayakers! #sailordog #kayaking #menorca

Menorca Circumnavigation begins! Clockwise to hide from tomorrow's tramontana wind. MENORCA EN KAYAK #team #kayaking #menorca

Us esperem aquesta tarda a les 19h al Concell Insular de Menorca a Maó! Amb companyia de MENORCA EN KAYAK i SK KAYAK

Lucky us! We step on to #Menorca to circumnavigate this beautiful island! Thanks to MENORCA EN KAYAK for the invitation 🙏 #kayak #sailordog

Nirvana and I are flying to Menorca Island. Good weather and a lot of #sun is forecasted for these kayak days! Stay tuned to discover a fantastic Mediterranean Island 😁 with MENORCA EN KAYAK and Turismo de Menorca

Next destination: Barcelona! #sailordog #letsflyaway

#napoli #sailordogs

Arrivederci Calabria!! We leave the kayak for just somedays so that we can assist to the circumnavigation of #Menorca Island with MENORCA EN KAYAK. But first we visit Napoli once more! Kayak Napoli here we come :)