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Day 53/s5 - Nirvana looks as she came out the washing machine 😂

Day 50/s5 - Granita Time!!

Day 49/s5 - Bella Sicilia! We meet again :)

We end Malta the same way it began, next to Proactiva Open Arms This time with their new #rescue vessel Open Arms, ready to save human lives in this Mediterranean Sea! Thanks to Oscar Camps for your hospitality, and moreover, for your commitment on making this world a more human world 🌎

Day 47/s5 - Bye bye #Malta! We've spent a beautiful time circumnavigating your islands. We discovered the mysterious but fascinating Maltese people, and also those from abroad who have chosen to live with the "Malta Time". A little stop&go for every sailor on the Mediterranean Sea. Thank you!

Day 44/s5 - #BoatStop to "SICLY" please 🙏, also known as SICILY 😂... sorry the Sun is just frying my brain... Any sailing boat willing to take us? 🐶 ⛵️ #sicily #malta #sailing #sailordog

Day 43/s5 - We don't give up. A healthy sea is what we kayak for! #stopoverfishing #oceana #sailordog #kayaking #malta

Day 40/s5 - Nirvana in front of Valletta, the southernmost capital of Europe. #sailordog #kayaking #malta

Day 39/s5 - We enter the Grand Harbour of Malta. The Capital, Valetta, final destination of this small country.

Malta's Limestone

Day 38/s5 - Malta is getting #URBAN. We slowly approximate to the Capital, Valetta: this means the end of Malta 🇲🇹 circumnavigation.

Amazing photos coming from #OCEANA #Repost Oceana Europe (@get_repost) ・・・ Our first week on our #NorthSea2017 expedition has past. We have seen a huge biodiversity of animals, both above and under the water. Enjoy a selection of our favourite images from Scottish waters. • • #northsea #aberdeen #scotland #lionsmane #jellyfish #seal #oceanlife #stopoverfishing #picoftheday #underwaterphotography • 📸 Juan Cuetos & @cminguell

Day 37/s5 - The Sun is never late: 5:50 am! 😴

Day 33/s5 - BirdLife Malta takes care of birds with problems till they are safe to go back home. Check out the new video of our visit at #BirdLife -

Day 32/s5 - Banana ship!! #seakayaking . Thanks for the photo @petelanman

When I was a 5 year old kid my friends and I used to play catch fishes. There were so many that catching one was not that difficult. Today we see kids catching plastic out of the sea. In the future this kid might as well see future kids playing again with fishes in a free-plastic sea. #cleansea #betterfuture #malta Oceana Europe

Day 31/s5 - Ancient ruins attract the curiosity of Nirvana. We wonder how life was here thousands of years ago... lonely distant islands in the middle of the sea...

We meet BirdLife Malta ! A great team fighting to protect the birds and natural habitats among #Malta Islands! As a densely populated country, natural habitats and its fauna have been dangerously reduced! #Birdlife is working hard to change it making Malta a nature-friendlier archipelago. #thankyou BirdLife International BirdLife Europe and Central Asia

Day 30/s5 - Those bays at the north side of #Malta are so beautiful and inviting. Worth paddling into every single one :)

Meet Charlie Rapa (Carmel), a local passionate for the sea. Update his father's boat with a self-made sail, and now he's living the life! ✌️ #malta #xemxija #sailingboat

Day 29/s5 - Nature continues to surprise!

Day 28/s5 - We're back in Malta! #sailordog

Day 27/S5 - Hot wave!! I need a granita!

Fishing one little fish is like virtually fishing hundred or maybe thousand other fishes that will never be born. A future sea emptier than yesterday (this one little fella was healthily put back to the water) #stopoverfishing #sustainablefishing #happysea Oceana Europe