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🎃 #horreosdegalicia

The sea has always been generous to us. Will we be able to protect it? #sustainablefishing

Welcoming Autumn with blue

Nirvana & Goku

One kayak a day, keeps the doctor away! # sailordog #kayaking #phrasesoftheday

Goku and Nirvana with some serious gardening 🍃

Vikings use canoes! @100tovolando

Augas Santas #galicia

These fish don't belong in the sea ⚠️ @5minutebeachcleanup

@gokuthestrong planning how he will wake up Nirvana from her siesta time 😈

#Repost @gokuthestrong ・・・ 1 month of Goku 🐾

Goku, observing the big Blue for the first time, while Nirvana observes closely.

These 4 wheels give us the chance to rediscover the Cantabric Sea of Galicia! Celtic times are coming!

Mother + Mother ❤️❤️- Happy Mum's day!

Definitivamente observar gatitos pequeños es una droga... #gokuthestrong

En Ruta! Hoy llegamos en un sitio muy especial, la Concha de Donostia. Aquí termino el primer viaje en kayak hace ya 7 años. Nirvana aún no había nacido, pero creo que se hace una idea. Mañana seguimos hacia el oeste.

Felicitats a tots els culés!! 🏆

Well earned tulips for this caring dog!

Pocket Goku - - - - - - #GokuTheStrong #cat #kitten #kitty #cat #instapic #instagram #photooftheday #animals #gato #gatito #animallovers #small

Little cat Goku has opened his eyes! Nirvana is the first ever to see! Their bond will be for life - More photos of Goku will be posted on instagram @gokuthestrong

Goku and Nirvana! A magical encounter between two #rescued fellas! #motherNirvana #GokuTheStrong

Surprise! Nirvana found this little kitty abandoned in the neighbourhood. No signal of cat mother around. So we started taking care of this baby fella, with only a couple of days of life. Incredibly Nirvana is doing most of the work now. Her mother instinct has arisen at the speed of light! And she's doing great! #wellcome #kitty