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Day 104/s5 - Between these two lands we see a river of history. How many ships have travelled through it... it blows my mind! #calabria #sicilia #messinastrait #sunset #sailordog #upsidedown

Day 103/s5 - Where next sailor Nirvana? #sup #sailordog

Olive, a mediterranean fruit that gives flavour to our gastronomy #oliveoil #italy #mediterraneanfood

Nirvana adapts, no matter the vehicle #bycicle #calabria #doglovers #sustainabletransport #ecofriendly

Day 102/s5 - Ok, kayak, ok.

UNACCEPTABLE - As a Catalan I can't stay passive today. Catalonia has been politically raped! The Spanish Government is arresting anyone willing to organise or participate on the Catalan Referendum. We are not criminals, we just want to vote! #freedom #referendum #catatonia

Day 100/s5 - A bunch of free spirits ;)

Day 99/s5 - Etna seen from Calabria

We're going to MENORCA!!! 😃Very happy to participate on this Kayak Gathering by MENORCA EN KAYAK ! Days with interesting speeches of adventure, useful kayak courses, and for those who want to take it to the next level, kayak around the island!! Nirvana and I will be there explaining our kayak travels, and will also use the opportunity to get to know this very special island ❤️ in the best way we know: kayaking! Don't miss the opportunity! More info at: ✅

Day 98/s5 - Departure! Back to kayaking! Before restart we're surprised to find Dr. Roberto flying an inflatable boat along Messina's Strait! Nirvana and I are a bit jealous 😁 #calabria #adventuredogs #flying

"If you want something in life, reach out and grab it" - Christopher McCandless

Combo day! Nirvana celebrates 4 years of age while Catalunya celebrates its National Day. An important day for Catalan citizens claiming on the streets the right to vote #diada #viscacatalunya

Friends will be friends! #bokes #sesilles #selfie

#sailordog looking at Messina's Strait

Day 96/s5 - Preparing for this weekend's friends weeding!!💍 Kayak stop for one week! We go to Ibiza!! Let's get shiny!! 😎 Marc Sifre ❤️ Sandra Cardona C

Day 95/s5 - Bella Sicilia! Ti salutiamo ancora una volta, ora pero gia dalla Calabria. Non e facile lasciare persone belle indietro. Vi porterò con me per il resto del viaggio, cosi luminosi come siete stati ❤️ #sicilia #arrivederci #sunset

Day 94/s5 - Nirvana ready for new horizons to reach, new seas to navigate, new coasts to explore! #sailordog #rumbomediterraneo

Hello, I'm Nirvana, a little #sailordog that just kayaked around the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea: Sicily! Woof, woof!

Day 93/s5 - Circumnavigation of Sicily completed! ✅ we arrived at Torre Faro, the same spot where we arrived on October 2015. Sicily has been an amazing experience! Thank you all that have participated along our path, we feel very fortunate :) We will surely come back someday to eat some arancini and granitas 😋 - Circumnavigazione della Sicilia completata! ✅ siamo arrivati a Torre Faro, lo stesso punto dove siamo arrivati l'ottobre del 2015. La Sicilia è stata troppo bella! Grazie a tutti quelli che hanno preso parte a questo giro. Siamo molto fortunati :) Torneremo sicuro per mangiare arancini e granite 😋 #sicily #kayaking #sailordog

Day 92/s5 - Messina's Strait has an underwater ship collection. #sicily #gopro

Day 91/s5 - Pirates welcomed at Messina's harbour! We feel the protection of "la Madonna della Lettera!