List of materials

A kayak is one of the muscle powered transport that allows to carry a larger amount of equipment, food, and other material for long distances and periods of time. I am using this advantage to full my kayak with the basic stuff, and a little bit more. In this post I will try to list every item to be found in this kayak.

I pretty much learned on my own how to equip a kayak for such journey, and I am still learning. The beginning of the first journey arround the iberian peninsula was a bit chaotic, up to the point that I replaced mostly everything, even the kayak in two ocasions, at the first month of journey.


Today my kayak is equipped as follows:

- Kayak Ysak from Rotomod. 5.06 m long with 3 sealed compartments and a rudder which I steer with my feet.



- Wood paddle, like the Inuits model

- European fiber carbon paddle dismountable

- Self made sail with recycled materials: ski sticks, and an old sail

- Self made dismountable trolley

- Lifejacket

- Tent

- Hats x2

- Fishing lines rolled in bottles x3

- Diving fins


Front compartment:

- Climbing shoes

- Books

- Space blanket (thermal blanket)

- Some clothes and other stuff that I do not plan to use for a while (medicaments, batteries, repair kits)

- Food: rice, pasta, oil, salt, pepper, lemons, onions, garlic, tomatoes, other vegetables, conserved cans such as tuna, lentils, tomato or pesto sauce, olives, corn, mash potato, chocolate, jam, biscuits, cereals, individual juice and chocolate milk bricks, nuts, apples, bananas, honey...

- Camping gas portable stove

- Pot/pan set

- Kitchen towel

- Tweezers

- Trash bag


Middle compartiment:

- Sandals

- 1xEmergency red smoke pack

- 1x Emergency fire flare

- Fishing replacements

- Small bag for reparations

- Tape

- Adhesive sealant

- VHF radio

- GPS Geko

- Swiss utility knife

- Binoculars

- Sunglasses x2

- Anti-fog spray for snorkel glasses

- Home-made anti mosquito spray

- Linseed oil for the wooden paddle

- Box with radio and other stuff

- Wind-stopper

- Lycra


Back compartment:

- Winter sleeping bag

- Inflating matrass

- Runners

- Bag with clothes

- Bathroom kit

- Personal bag with valuavale stuff: portmone, small tablet, diari, chargers

- Fishers jacket (for the rain)



- Apron

- Bag with neoprene suits

- Water-pump

- Snorkel and swimming googles

- Baseline (for the friction below the arms and on the back)

- Ropes

- Emergency fire flares

- Water bottles


After completing the list I have to say that I envy so much all other animals. They don't need any material for their migrations. We humans like it complicated ;)


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