What's this about?

This is a kayak journey that began summer of 2013 at the Olympic Harbor of Barcelona. The course was left / nord always very very close to the coast. And today, four years later, the journey keeps going.

In 2014 something happened!

An encounter that would change this trip, and also my life. I found on the streets of Alghero (Sardinia) a little furry dog. This dog was called to be my new friend, my new sailor! Nirvana has become a loyal travel partner, and with her, the travels have gained a new dimension.

Our daily routine.

We try to stop as much as we can, to get to know new places, cultures, and people. You can check the whole route here.

Every night we mount the tent in different beaches. It's not the same as having a good sofa with a big tv and playstation, but still, it can be pretty comfortable and interesting to live directly by the water on beaches or little creeks. I find it more cosy than I'd thought. Except for the finest sand beaches! This sand is always sticking everywhere!

However, we also do quite a normal living such as going to the bar for good coffee, go to the local markets, go for a walk, and have a beer at the evening with some new friends. 

We sure love traveling / living with this kayak, and we are still thirsty to discover more Mediterranean treasures. So check around every now and then for new updates ;)



We are lucky to meet so many people interested and curious on this kind of living. And usually a lot of questions pump out. These are the most common:

Where /when did you Start the trip?

Barcelona 2013

Where /When does it end?

Still a mistery

How many Kilometers have you navigated so far?

Around 5.000 kms.

Is this your first trip?

No, that's the second big trip. The first one was around the Iberian Peninsula (6 months - 3.600 kms)

Do you sleep on the beach?

Yes. Every night a different one. I have a rule to myself: do not pay for sleeping. It is not just for saving money, which definitely helps, but also as a challenge to find your way out, and what you learn by doing so. In any case, we get a lot of hospitality from people during the cold periods, and it happens often that we end up sleeping in someone's house, even in a church sometimes, or guest in some nice b&b when it is out of season.

What does your family say?

I guess they are used to it, so it's not a big deal anymore. But I do remember the first steps into travel by kayak, where they would get scared and they would try to convince me to stop doing that. I do hear them regularly on the phone.

How do you eat?

Usually with my mouth ;) No, really, this is a question I get asked dozens of times per day.
I actually have a little kitchen packed inside my front compartment. With a little self made stove (check this video if you want yours!) I get to cook a vast majority of meals with fresh ingredients. Thanks to having enough storage capacity and no weight problems, I can bring good fresh ingredients with me. Supermarkets are actually everywhere. So there is no space for dehydrated food in this kayak.

How many miles / kilometers do you navigate per day?

Hey, I am not in a rush! So I paddle between 10 - 30 kms. I prefer navigate 4 hours a day stopping a lot along the way. If sea conditions or island hunting reclaims it, I could go for a one day 40 -50 kms long ride. But I try to avoid it as much as possible.

Why are you doing this? 

Since I was a child I've always wanted to be an Indiana Jones, or some kind of pirate. And this is the closest I got I guess..

I also want to raise awareness of the importance and urgency in protecting and preserving the Mediterranean Sea.
Where are you going?

I am just following the coastline. Wherever this one will take me.

Do you fish?

Yeah. Arpon and a fishing line is all I have. 

How much does such journey cost?

Living like this is possible also because I spend so little. No house, no bills, no car, no gasoline...etc. Just food. doing it right would mean you're spending around 200 eur per month. 

You still need money though?

At the beginning I would be working here and there, and try to be as efficient as possible. But then I started collecting nice seashells and working them into necklaces, earrings, rings, and other cool stuff. This is a good way for people I found on the beaches willing to help me, to just do it with an economic contribution. People that want to help from the distance they can also do it. In exchange I will be sending a Happy Postcard to every donor :)

Have you got a GPS?

For navigation I hardly use it, since I'm always near the coast, and any island crossing is near enough to see it. In case of emergency I would activate a gelocated alarm that should save us.

Do you also travel in winter?

The first winter I did. And it is not that bad. The Mediterranean Sea gives us many sunny days with good conditions. The coast and the sea are soooo calm. The opposite of the summer stress. But now I prefer to use it as a break to get somethings together, and spend some time back in Barcelona with my family. 

How do you charge your phone?

We get to a bar, and try to connect the phone. If it happens that there is no civilization for a long time (not common) I would use a solar battery, which does help me out.

That lifestyle is not for me, I could not do it!

That's ok. I am not trying to convince people to live like I do


  1. You and Nirvana are so so cool! I'm happy to see you two enjoying life together! God bless you and Nirvana. Have fun!

  2. Good luck to you both. Really enjoyed your pictures and story. Fantastic.

  3. Typing anonymously .... an ocean away in Canada,

    Your peripatetic contribution is sociologically, ecologically, politically, worthy for reasons beyond your recounting of surmounting your courageous everyday challenges:

    - the Mediterranean refugee crisis is full-blown (Spring 2016) (weekly failed boat traverses, airline catastrophes over the Mediterranean Sea (Egyptian Airlines)); are you witness to any of its events?
    - What are your observations climatically? (Unusual heat, cold, storm, POLLUTION!!!!)
    - Geographically? (Have your visits with beach residents told you about the erosion of their territory?)
    - Naval traffic: what have you observed – national security, drones, wildlife, pollution (are floating plastic bags a daily scene for you?) …

    In addition to these global concerns, your raw observations of life living alone with a rescue animal (Nirvana, you have a home waiting for you in cold Canada - daily romps in snow, the minute you wish to escape Mr. Mediterranean) are also valuable to humankind: how does an animal adapt to an unknown person, and then an unknown environment, meals, 3x daily pee breaks, etc. – and, love, thrive and be loyal, while, on a body of water all day (I suspect they sleep, indulging in the sun and movement afforded them).

    Above, all, truly, thank you for courageaously and peristently seeing through this long endeavour which will benefit, should you be so benevolent in the recollection of your observations, to countries, communities, and, HOPEFULLY, generations to take notice and IMMEDIATE ACTION to the events you are observing and long-lasting, universe-conserving steps EVERY HUMAN BEING CAN TAKE NOW - in the miniscule DAILY choices they make.


    A Canadian - on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

    P.S. Trust me (and tons others will back me up); you're not missing much in terms of news, celeb gossip, news, etc. No hook-ups (Wifi) is not the end of the world, for you and billions of others! The world hasn't ended because you haven't seen the last season of Game of Thrones or Scandal.

  4. How do you handle feeding Nirvana on a regular basis? Do you keep dog food stored in your kayak, or does she eat what you eat?

  5. Hello, Sergi and Nirvana what you are doing is an inspiration to many people.In its simplicity and beauty its a fantastic example of followiny that childlike urge to fulfill an innocent craving,'to see where it takes me',to satisfy curiosity',to find MAGIC again'.
    Sergi I wish you and Nirvana all the happines and Joy that has and will unfold along this journey.
    Love John and Trish

  6. Hello, Sergi and Nirvana what you are doing is an inspiration to many people.In its simplicity and beauty its a fantastic example of followiny that childlike urge to fulfill an innocent craving,'to see where it takes me',to satisfy curiosity',to find MAGIC again'.
    Sergi I wish you and Nirvana all the happines and Joy that has and will unfold along this journey.
    Love John and Trish


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