Summer Postcard

Receive a Summer Postcard!

Donate 10 euros, and we will send you this summer a nice postcard from one of the most beautiful destinations that we will visit. Psst, don't tell anyone, but it will be around Sicily ;)

Yes, an actual real Postcard, with stamp and written by me with some funny anecdote! Directly to your house mail box ;)

Donate with a Banc Transaction:

ACCOUNT OWNER: Sergi Rodriguez Basoli
BANK: Triodos Bank
IBAN: ES85 1491 0001 2910 0905 5524

Remember to write your postal adress on the subject, or just send me an email ( with the adress you want the postcard to be sent :)

Thank you so much, for your collaboration! 

And here the hit of the summer, the Nirvana Song:

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