Happy Postcard

#sailordog for a happy and CLEAN Mediterranean Sea!

Would you like to support us, and at the same contribute to a healthier Mediterranean Sea? 
For just 10 euros you can!
Your prize: an exclusive Postcard from #sailordog Nirvana like this one

What is so special about this postcard?

  • Exclusive: It's directly shot with our camera, printed and sent to your house!
  • Environmental friendly: for every 10 eur, I will be collecting one full plastic bag of rubbish on beaches with difficult access. You will be directly cleaning the sea :)
  • Happy: nowadays with social network revolution we don't receive postcards as we used to do in the past. This postcard can break the monotony of your regular post with some mediterranean paradise and some adventures to tell!

Your contribution to a Clean Sea

With your support you will be directly be cleaning the Med, cause for every 10 eur, we'll be cleaning up beaches of difficult access.
1 postcard = 1 plastic bag of rubbish.

Every Postcard from a Marine Protected Area

It's a place that's being carefully protected, respected and preserved, guaranteeing a healthy habitat in the present and the future, so that we and our children can enjoy it :)

This is easily achieved with Marine Protected Areas, Marine Reserves, Natural Parks, etc. In the Mediterranean Sea we can find many of them, but unfortunately they are still not enough. On this link OCEANA explains why it is so.

Nirvana will be therfore in every photo posing on the most beautiful Happy Paradises of our Sea, showing that it is worth it to protect it. 

Yes, an actual real Postcard, with stamp and written by me with some funny anecdote! Directly to your house mail box ;)

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ACCOUNT OWNER: Sergi Rodriguez Basoli

BANK: Triodos Bank
IBAN: ES85 1491 0001 2910 0905 5524

Remember to write your postal adress on the subject, or just send me an email (kayak@rumbo-mediterraneo.com) with the adress you want the postcard to be sent :)

Thank you so much, for your collaboration!