Beginning of a long Mediterranean Journey

The sea is calling again. After the first kayak journey around the Iberian Peninsula it was only a matter of time for the next one. The need of getting back to the sea pushed me to prepare my kayak and leave from the Olympic Harbor of Barcelona this 22nd of July with a clear "Mediterranean Course" (Rumbo Mediterraneo) in order to navigate as much coastline as possible from the Mediterranean Sea. I headed north east (turned left) and 69 days after I find myself at the boarder between France and Italy. For the moment I will try to get to Italy and cross to Corsica at the closest point with the Italian Peninsula. After that i will continue navigating around Sardinia. These are the first objectives for now.

I am doing this kind of trip because I love the sea and the shape of its coast. I can't have enough of discovering its incredible beauty. In addition, this way of traveling slows down the life rhythm to a natural state, which is so healthy for me. Nature becomes a wise guide worth hearing. I also get to learn a lot from the different cultures and their people that I get to meet along my way, which are always good people with giants hearts, with always something to teach me. The horizon still huge for me.

During my trip i will be using this blog to share my experience with you. Moreover, this trip pretends to sensitize and let people know about other issues which concerns me such as the protection and preservation of nature, and the development of society towards a more sustainable way of living in harmony with our planet.Therefore I contacted the NGO OCEANA which is successfully helping in the protection and recuperation of marine ecosystems all around the world efficiently increasing the number of protected areas and promoting the necessity to fight back the climate change, the overfishing, the dump of toxic materials and other concerning activities that accelerate the destruction of the seas and oceans. I totally agree with their work and fight, and voluntarily offered to stamp their logo on my kayak and spread their message along my journey to anybody who is unaware of the critical state of the Mediterranean Sea and shows interest on the project. At the same time I have the chance to meet along my way and other institutions and associations engaged with the environment and carrying out similar works and interesting projects. Working together rather than individually separated, and establish a healthy connection will result as a more powerful and effective action in favor of nature.

To allow people collaborate with the project Rumbo Mediterraneo I will set a donation account to support this expedition and a specific project from Oceana in the Mediterranean. This one is called Mednet which pretends to cover an efficient networking of all its marine protected areas and to increase its extension from the actual 4% to a 12% of the total Mediterranean Sea. This will result in a more efficient recovery of marine ecosystems and their habitats reducing the actual threat that suffer endangered species.

Finally I want to use the opportunity to let all the countries I will be visiting in this Mediterranean journey know about the expedition and its ecological objective. I have redacted a "witness letter" that i want to deliver to each ministry of environment of each country that I will publish on the following post. Thereby a connecting trace from the paddled distance will be established between different countries in different continents but with a common sea claiming for urgent action and engagement in order to live in a healthier Mediterranean Sea in a near future.


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  2. i' m a canoist, too. have a good adventure!

  3. Admiro a tua perseverança! Um projeto fantástico; humilde e tão pedagógico. Parabéns!

  4. best greetings for your journey, sends basti from kommz, wg , the one with the red hairs of heidelberg about julian. i heard first time from journey this week. its incredible.
    so just paddle, dance, fly! may you arrive! ;-)

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