Mediterranean Witness Letter

Dear Minister of Environment,


I am writing you for your commitment and responsibility for the protection and preservation of your coastal and marine region of the Mediterranean Sea. I am a 29 years old Mediterranean citizen from Barcelona concerned about the healthy state of our sea. About 4 months ago I gave up my living accommodations and my job as an engineer on the renewables energy sector in order to accomplish not just a dream, but a project that wants to achieve following goal: paddle on board of a kayak the coastlinen of the 25 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, a distance longer than the perimeter of the Earth, in order to sensitize about the need to prevent our sea from getting into a more critical state. The destruction of our oceans and seas appears to occur faster than advances in scientific research do, so awaiting for detailed biological results will result too late.


I am aware that your Ministry is already taking actions for the interest of your citizens and your future generations and I thank you for that. However other issues and needs might appear in difficult times putting the Mediterranean agenda into a second line of priority. I can imagine the complex situation counting with other 24 countries in three different continents with different cultures and probably different priorities. Nevertheless we do share, obviously not only the same planet, but our sea, which we expect to sustainably preserve as a place to live and as a resource for our development as it has been done for thousands of years.


I contacted an NGO which fits perfectly with the aim of this Mediterranean expedition. The work of OCEANA achieves successfully the recuperation of marine ecosystems all around the world and pretends to keep on doing it in our sea. I will be therefore happy to spread their message along my journey to those who are unaware of the critical state of the sea and are interested in a healthier one. I will also open an account to let people donate on the project Mednet from OCEANA, which pretends to cover the networking of the Mediterranean Protected Areas increasing them from 4% to 12% of the total Mediterranean Sea. This will result in a more effective recuperation of its ecosystems and habitats.


Finally I will be handing over to each Ministry of Environment of every mediterranean country that I get to visit along my journey, including my own one, this witness letter. With it I would like to friendly let you know about this project and its purpose and thereby leave the witness of the hundreds of kilometers from mediterranean coastline that have been connected to your country on board of this kayak full of hope for a healthier Mediterranean Sea in a near future.


Nature is our only true home, and we should treat it as such.


Thank you for your time.


My warmest salutations,


Sergi Rodríguez Basolí & OCEANA




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