How to easily RE-ENTER a KAYAK if you are on your own - FAST SELF RESCUE

Fast and easy way to re enter a kayak if you are totally off-shore. 
This is a very easy way to re-enter a sit inside kayak if you are on your own, and totally offshore. Start grabbing both edges of your kayak with your hands. The hand on your side (my right), should grab further to the front, so you give yourself some space, when entering. The  other one (left) stays nearer to the back. Your hands as a diagonal line on the cockpit. It's important to apply the same exact force, to avoid the kayak from turning. It helps to push with your feet as well. I like to first drawn a bit to get enough impulse to go up at once. Then just put your butt where it belongs with a twisting move. Gently move your leg to the other side keeping your weight aliened. And that's it!
Easy peasy!


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