Complete Route (not allways up to date). 
For the actual position of Sergi look at the live map (it could be inactive).

Dynamic path


  1. Did you ever hear your buddies protest that they can are unable to journey simply because they get dogs and cats they have to check out, they state they do not have a correct family pet sitter, or even they may be afraid for you to depart the dogs and cats on your own?
    Cayo Largo

  2. nous te suivons depuis santa lucia (dia 202) bravo! quel coup de pagaie... (Golpe de zagual) bonne traversée vers la sardaigne et bon vol! el hombre con perro (yorkshire) ;-)

  3. Hi Sergie, We are so happy to follow your amazing trip and to know there is an another guy somewhere in this sea, kayaking a wonderfull trip, while we are in other coasts. Thanks to steve from Cap D'ail club de vela, we finally found you on the web after all this spanish and french coast earing about a " spanish guy with dreadlocks kayaking just few weeks in front of us" :). Bocca Lupo amigo. May our routes cross one day, in this wonderfull med sea, or another. Sweet dreams to you and Nirvana !! Douglas and Louis from mare nostrum project ( 280km south de Venezia!!)

  4. How long until you reach Australia Sergi? : )


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