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If you want to know where are Sergi and Nirvana on a map, click here and check his last spot, or just check the location of our last photo on instagram: @sergibasoli.


  1. Hi Sergi,
    I'm Attilio, we met in cala Sabina and paddle together till PortoRotondo (grey kayak shark painted).
    I put some pictures in my website:
    Look at them if you want.
    You can find me in fb as attilio_pi or contact by e-mail:
    See you

  2. Hello Sergi! We met over breakfast in Porto Pollo in Corsica on 1 October. We were cycling around the island - I think you may have the better idea! Your pictures on here are great and we are very envious of your long journey around the Mediterranean. We're glad you made it to the mountains for a change though!

    Good luck and we hope you and Nirvana have a lot of fun and adventures still to come!

    Best wishes, Becky and Bernard

  3. Ola Sergi! Your fantastic dog slept under our bed in Positano. Good luck for the rest of your journey!

  4. Hey bro ! Your way of life is exactly what I wish to do contact me I need some pointers


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