Happy Postcard


Would you like to support us, and at the same contribute to a healthier Mediterranean Sea?  

For just 10 euros you can!
You will therefore receive a postcard of Nirvana, the sailor dog, in a significant location of our travel.

But that's not all!
For every donation we will be fiscally cleaning rubbish from beaches along our route. A whole bag full of plastic and other human waste that contaminate the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

    We will make a video for every time we clean a beach, and let you know about your direct contribution.

    Donate with Paypal or Visa:


    Donate with a Banc Transaction:

    ACCOUNT OWNER: Sergi Rodriguez Basoli

    BANK: Triodos Bank
    IBAN: ES85 1491 0001 2910 0905 5524

    Remember to write your postal adress on the subject, or just send me an email (kayak@rumbo-mediterraneo.com) with the adress you want the postcard to be sent :)

    Thank you so much, for your collaboration!


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